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The Video Vault contains unreleased and archived footage from shows throughout the band's career as well as some behind the scenes footage

First night of our very first tour with Pop Evil in 2009

Instigator - Huntsville, AL (2009)

8 Feet Under - Hinder Tour 2010

Original TV spot for Bloodshot Life (2009)

Set list discussion - Bloodshot Life Tour (2009)

"We'll Have It All"  live debut in 2012  (after the song was leaked...)

on April 18, 2011 we began filming a video for "Your Mistake" in Tuscaloosa,Alabama. The performance scenes were shot first and the narrative scenes were to be shot a few days later. On April 27, 2011 a F5 tornado plowed through Tuscaloosa on an 80 mile trek across the state leaving $2.8 billion in damage and taking the lives of 64 people.

Most of the locations we had scouted for the remaining scenes we literally wiped away by the storm.  The project was scrapped due to the destruction of the city and the state of the community.

This is what was left of that project,

One Tree Hill appearance. Originally aired May 3, 2007

55th GRAMMYS Gig of a Lifetime Featurette

Microsoft Surface commercial. Originally aired February 10, 2013

""Well Have It All"  from After The Crawl Cd Release Show in Birmingham, AL

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