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For the first time we are releasing some demo tapes and unreleased music.  
Most of the demo tapes on this page have not been heard by anyone outside Within Reason and their team.

Other tracks you will hear are where a lot of the songs you are familiar with got their start before the finished versions were recorded. 

Cycle A Smile Sessions (2006)

This was our first demo that we wrote and recorded together.  We recorded them in about a week in a small studio in Hueytown, Alabama. 

Bloodshot Life Sessions (2008)


We have been co-writing with an artist named Moses since 2008.  


On the A side demo tapes, you will hear Chris and Moses trading back and forth the verses and chorus of the first stages of the songs.  

On the B side demos, after an all night writing session, you can hear Moses singing the lyric ideas we all wrote together. From these tapes, we shaped the melodies and lyrics to become the songs you can hear on Bloodshot Life. 

After The Crawl Sessions (2011)


 Once again we went back into writing sessions with Moses in 2010-2011 to work on songs for After The Crawl.  

There were several songs that were written for the record but never saw the light of day due our decision to make it an EP.  

Recorded at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI on December 17, 2009
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